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After the M.A.

Note that the requirements described here comprise the MINIMUMS that are required to complete the M.A. program. Students are STRONGLY encouraged to go well beyond the minimums and take as much coursework as they can so that they become as knowledgeable as possible. This includes tools/quantitative methods courses.

Moreover, as part of their Ph.D., students must complete all of the departmental requirements for the M.A. in Psychology (see Graduate Admissions).

Students who are admitted to Ph.D. candidacy complete a total of 90 credit hours (including M.A. credits). In addition to executing a dissertation, students must engage in independent or collaborative research and participate in area research meetings (PSYC 690). Other Ph.D. requirements include:

  • An approved program of courses emphasizing either Social or I/O psychology
  • Candidacy exams (taken after three years of coursework)
  • A Ph.D. dissertation (18-24 credits)

Moreover, after completing the M.A., students are required to broaden their outlook by taking courses that are out of the area of psychology. The possibilities are endless, and students are encouraged to explore their options.