Doctoral Program Procedures

Procedures Notes
1. Approval for continuation in doctoral program. Graduate secretary completes necessary paperwork. 1. Immediately upon acceptance of the M.A. thesis. Requires positive recommendation of area.
2. File designation of research tool. 2. Upon conditional admission, but no later than appointment of dissertation director.
3. Appointment of candidacy examination committee. Student informs graduate secretary of date and committee members. 3. Prior to taking candidacy examination Student notifies area of intent to take exam.
4. Take candidacy examination. Area reports results. 4. Anytime after conditional admission to the doctoral program, but before the end of the third semester following award of M.A.
5. Fulfill tool requirement. 5. Anytime before appointment of dissertation director.
6. Appointment of dissertation director and committee. 6. Anytime following step (1) and fulfilling tool requirement.
7. File doctoral program of courses. 7. Immediately upon appointment of dissertation director.
8. Register for dissertation hours (799A). This form required for initial registration only. Graduate secretary will obtain permission in future semesters. 8. When dissertation work begun, after appointment of director; credit hours determined by director. Continuous enrollment required until formal approval of dissertation by the Graduate School.
9. File approved dissertation proposal. 9. Upon approval by committee. Prior to formal collection of data.
10. Apply for IRB or IACUC participant approval. (IRB Policies and Procedures) 10. Prior to data collection.
11. File admission to candidacy. Graduate secretary completes necessary paperwork. 11. After candidacy exam passed, approved proposal is filed, but before defense.
12. Appointment of final oral defense committee and scheduling of oral examination. (See here for deadlines to file paperwork.) 12. When dissertation is completed to the satisfaction of the committee.
13. File report of oral defense and approved dissertation. Director provides information to the graduate secretary who will submit to the Graduate School. (See here for deadlines to file paperwork.) 13. When corrections in dissertation made to satisfaction of examination committee.
14. Apply to Graduate School for graduation through MyNIU. 14. See here for graduation deadlines.

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