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Academics PLUS


Every college student chooses a major, and many choose minors. At NIU, you can customize your general education courses too, and earn a transcript notation for it (that means that employers and graduate schools will see even more of your hard work)!

Your general education will consist of:

  • 33 credit hours
  • The ability to “double count” up to six credit hours that are approved for both your major and general education
  • The opportunity to choose courses within a Pathway

Our Pathways allow you to take courses that satisfy general education credits, while you get an early start in the area of your interests. You can select a pathway that strengthens your intended major - like pairing the Sustainability Pathway with an Environmental-related major, or the Health and Wellness Pathway with a Health-related major – or you can select a pathway that gives you a broader perspective – like the Global Connections Pathway.

And, if you’re not sure what you’d like to major in yet, use the pathways to test different areas of study!

Start customizing your education your first semester!