Outstanding Service Award

Outstanding Service Nomination Information

Service Award Nomination Form

Who is eligible for this award?
• Nominees must be full- or part-time status civil service employees who have been continuously employed at Northern Illinois University (NIU) since February 1, 2012, or before.
• Employees who were laid off, on leave, or hold fewer than twelve-month positions are eligible.
• Employees who will retire before July 1, 2018 are also eligible.
• The award may only be received once by an employee.
• A listing of past recipients can be found at: www.niu.edu/osc/serviceaward and clicking on the “Past Recipients” link.

What are the nomination criteria?
• Nominees are evaluated on ways in which he or she performs above and beyond the expectations of the nominator in the following areas:
On the Job                               (40% of evaluation)
Displays abilities that are above and beyond the expectations of the nominator in the duties associated with his/her position.

Within the University                 (40% of evaluation)
Demonstrates effectiveness that is above and beyond expectations of the nominator in dealing with members of the University community and/or makes contributions to the University.
Within their Community             (20% of evaluation)

Makes contributions to his or her community of residence that are above and beyond the expectations of the nominator.

What is the selection timeline?
• To nominate someone for this award, you must complete and submit a nomination package no later than 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, February 13, 2018.
• All nominations are then reviewed by a selection committee comprised of NIU civil service employees who are designated representatives of their respective divisions and/or past recipients of this award.
• Up to four recipients are selected each year.

How do I nominate an employee for this award?
1. Complete the nomination form (also available at www.niu.edu/osc/serviceaward)
2. Provide one (1) letter of nomination and two (2) additional letters supporting the nomination based on the criteria listed above. Please make sure ALL three nomination criteria are addressed. Please give specific examples. You are encouraged to ask your nominee to supply further information if needed.
3. Current or retired NIU employees are eligible to write a letter. One of the letters may be from a non-NIU employee. Additional letters will not be reviewed.
4. The nomination form, nomination letter, and the two letters of support should be typed or written/printed legibly.
5. The complete nomination package (nomination form, one nomination letter, and two letters of support) must be received all at once – not separately. Incomplete nomination packages will not be considered.
6. If more than one nomination packet is submitted for the same employee, only the first nomination packet received will be reviewed.