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Operating Staff Personnel Advisor

A new opportunity to assist the operating staff on campus has been created through the cooperation of the Operating Staff Council, the University Council, and Executive Vice President & Provost Lisa Freeman. For more than 40 years, NIU has had a Faculty & SPS Personnel Advisor available to assist that population on campus. The Operating Staff Council has been working diligently to create a similar resource for the civil service operating staff which has resulted in the creation of an Operating Staff Personnel Advisor (OSPA) position.

The OSPA will advise civil service employees about policies and procedures, support and participate in meetings with them when requested, and assess the ongoing needs of the operating staff. The OSPA will also provide guidance to civil service employees in union bargaining units on locating appropriate union resources when needed. In addition, this person will prepare and maintain necessary records and reports, develop resource materials and provide an annual report that summarizes the advisor’s activities.

There will be training provided to the OSPA to ensure understanding of NIU’s administrative structure, policies and procedures, SUCSS and civil service statutes, and the collective bargaining agreements. The OSPA will receive up to 10% release time and additional compensation (see the description for full details).

Our current OSPA is John Hulseberg, and he can be contacted at 753-1174 or emailed at ospa@niu.edu.