OSC Elections

Election General Information

There are usually between four and six council vacancies each year. Each vacancy is for a three-year term.

Candidate Requirements:
If you are a union or non-union employee in a status position (not a student or extra help), have your supervisor's approval, and are willing to serve approximately five to six hours each month for monthly meetings and subcommittee participation, then you are eligible to run to fill a vacancy. No previous council or committee experience is necessary.

Council Function:
The Council's role is to promote the general welfare of Operating Staff employees through action in a communicative and advisory capacity to the NIU administration as well as any other applicable group, agency, or individual. It shall function as a source of direction, information, and two-way communication for the Operating Staff at NIU.

The Council meets the first Thursday morning of the month (from 9:00 a.m. to approximately noon), 12 months a year.

Election timeline:

  • Candidate Data Sheets are typically collected in early spring for the election of members for the upcoming fiscal year.
  • The election and announcement of new members takes place in late spring.

If you have any questions, please contact the Elections Committee Chair, Jeffry Royce at jroyce@niu.edu