About OSC

OSC Standing Committees


Representatives on all OSC committees should be status operating staff (civil service) employees. If you are interested in being on one of the OSC committees, please contact Holly Nicholson at hnicholson@niu.edu or 753-6692.

Workplace Issues Committee
Ellen Cabrera, Chair (815-753-6142)
Other members: Stacey Bivens, Katja Marjetic, Jeffry Royce, Judy Burgess   

Employee Morale Committee
Cindy Kozumplik, Chair (815-206-8647)
Other members: Angie Gutierrez-Vargas, Karen Smith, Katja Marjetic, Brian Mihalik

Public Relations/Activities Committee
Jay Monteiro, Chair (815-753-1676)
Other members: Barb Andree, Brian Mihalik, Karen Smith, Valerie Lorusso

Elections/Appointments Committee
Holly Nicholson, Chair (815-753-6692)
Other members: Stacey Bivens, Cindy Kozumplik, Pamela Pittman, Mary Wyzard, Patricia Wielert

Executive Committee
Barb Andree, Chair (815-753-8697)
Other members: Holly Nicholson (Vice President), Stacey Bivens (Secretary), Patricia Wielert (Treasurer) Jay Monteiro (Parliamentarian) John Hulseberg (Personnel Advisor)

Legislative Committee
Katja Majetic, Chair (815-753-0528)
Members: Mary Wyzard, John Hulseberg, Karen Smith, Jeffry Royce, Pat Wielert, Andy Small, Holly Nicholson

Annual Event Committee
Candy Buie, (815-753-1189) and Patricia Wielert, (815-753-9057) Co-Chairs  
Angie Gutierrez-Vargas, Cindy Kozumplik, Sarah Lindell, Pamela Pittman, Karen Smith, and all current members of OSC who assist with the event