A Huskie You Should Know: Spotlight on Operating Staff

A Huskie you should know: Spotlight on operating staff
Featured civil service employee: Ashleigh Sorenson

Sorenson helps NIU students achieve success

Ashleigh SorensonAshleigh Sorenson partners with students to develop individual action plans which address their questions, concerns and challenges and connects them to relevant campus resources. As a Student Success Specialist in the Office of Student Academic Success (OSAS), she also assists students with issues such as time management, study skills, organization and getting involved.

Educational Program Evaluation Coordinator for OSAS Brian Berchtold said, “She is very focused and driven, and I greatly admire her dedication towards helping students.”

Sorenson says what motivates her to be the best she can be as an advocate, coach and resource for the students is her own college experience. Her struggles included transferring from a community college, understanding financial processes and balancing work and academics.

“My experiences are what motivated me to pursue a career in higher education and continue to keep me focused and driven in my pursuit to assist students.”

Sorenson says that it is the best feeling knowing that she is making a difference in students’ progresses.

“I love working with students as they make progress towards their goals. My favorite part of my job is meeting with a student and working together to find ways to improve their experience at NIU. My philosophy has always been to encourage and empower students on their journey to graduation,” Sorenson said.

When asked for a story on an accomplishment at NIU, Sorenson said that most of her successes involve her work with individual students. Besides this she is very proud to be a part of the OSAS team.

“As a member of this amazing team I created and introduced a student in-take form that helps us to better get to know the students we meet with and identify some of their challenges and successes. It streamlines the action planning process and allows us to spend more time engaging with students,” said Sorenson.

Outside of work Sorensen said, “I really enjoy cooking and sampling the results. And I love trying new cheeses. My husband and I like to take road trips through Wisconsin to visit cheese making factories and stores.” She continued, “Last but certainly not least, spending time with my four month old daughter is my favorite thing to do.”

Berchtold nominated Sorenson as A Huskie you should know because, “She works very hard at helping students achieve their academic goals. Her direct efforts help NIU retain students until graduation.”

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