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Promotion of Online Programs

The Online Program Development and Support office promotes online/blended programs and courses with a full range of strategies that include print and electronic media and customized and segmented email campaigns. 

At the same time as online course development commences, the promotional team will begin its work. The first step for the team is to meet with the program leadership and faculty to develop the brand for the program, to identify the profile of the “highly qualified” prospect in terms of prior degree and/or courses, to define the logic pathways needed to segment the inquirers appropriately, and to receive input on the best ways to contact the desired potential students. At the same time, the promotional team will evaluate existing departmental web pages to suggest improvements that will optimize the text for internet searching and increase the impact on visiting prospective students. 

There are generally four stages to a promotional campaign:

  1. Building awareness of the program now available in online/blended delivery
  2. Guiding inquirers to supply information so that their qualifications can be matched against the program’s prerequisites.
  3. Segmenting the prospects by their qualifications and sending their data to the appropriate office/person for evaluation or follow-up.
  4. Prodding the “highly qualified” prospects to apply for admission to the program.

The OPDS promotion team provides support each step of the way.