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World Music


The world music program at NIU is an individualized study program that involves interdisciplinary course work. Students usually consult with a faculty advisor to design an area of specialization with course work selected from existing courses: core music courses in music history and music theory of European common practices, and researh methods; world music ensembles; seminars; and/or independent study, offered both in-and out of the School of Music.

The interdisciplinary nature of such a program provides students opportunities not only to acquire high-level music skills and overall musicianship, but also to increase their awareness of the cultural and social aspects of various musical practices of the world. Collaborative disciplines from past successful programs include anthropology, art history, communication, foreign language, political science, and history.

NIU’s well-known Center for Southeast Asian Studies is another interdisciplinary area for students to develop such collaboration. Although there is no undergraduate degree offered in our program, courses such as Survey of World Music Cultures, Music of China, Music of Southeast Asia, World Music Pedagogy, and Introduction to Ethnomusicology are available for upper level undergraduates.


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