Featured Adult Learner: Nicholas Cepeda

Nicholas is a current management information systems graduate student who graduated from NIU in May 2016. This school year has been special for Nicholas as he was accepted for a six-month advanced analytics and optimization internship at Disney World in Orlando, Florida prior his second  upcoming graduation from NIU in May 2018.

Nicolas embodies many aspects of a post-traditional student. He and his wife are both Marine Corps Veterans and served together overseas. He and his family of four are all attending school. Nicholas is also a transfer student and commutes from Huntley, Illinois.

His intention was to build off of his operations experience with an operations management information systems undergraduate degree. However, Nicholas became more interested in the information technology side of business and decided to take up the management information systems master’s degree. “This program does a fantastic job preparing students for a career in business intelligence and analytics!” During his free time, he has been developing his technical skills. Nicholas really enjoys working with his son, who plays little league baseball.

His advice for fellow Huskies: “personal development simply cannot occur if we stay within our comfort zone. We must push beyond our limits and stop making excuses for ourselves!”

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