Featured Adult Learner: Austin McDaniel

Austin is a military student, adult learner, transfer and student parent. Before arriving at NIU, Austin moved around a lot. He attended a few semesters at Rock Valley College and the Community College of the Air Force. He chose to transfer to NIU because he and his wife wanted to move back to Illinois. They wanted to settle down in a good location. NIU was perfect because many of his friends lived in the area and his mother had already attended for a degree in Nursing. Austin had considered other colleges in Illinois but he wanted to enroll in a school where there would be graduate opportunities.

He is majoring in history because the subject always interested him. With his history degree he is considering going into law enforcement or becoming a teacher. He is also considering pursing a masters degree.

During his free time, he likes to read history books. He also enjoys spending time with his kids by playing card and board games.

He has some tips for students. He encourages students receiving benefits from the GI Bill to make sure they plan and budget ahead. Austin is a beneficiary of a GI Bill. With the GI Bill, he is awarded a housing allowance. However, the allowance is not distributed until a month and a half after classes start, so plan ahead in your budget. For all students, he encourages everyone to arrive on campus early. Austin's routine involves arriving early in the morning to work out with the ROTC students and studying at the library. There are always parking spots available before 8 a.m. Punctuality is important so you don't fall behind in class. Take advantage of the entire day.

Fun Facts: Austin lived in Anchorage, Alaska for three years and enjoys Irish bar music.

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