Campus Digital Signage

Northern Illinois University’s digital (dynamic) signage system is a campus-wide communications solution that transmits information via flat-screen video monitors located throughout campus buildings and residence halls. Content is distributed through the Tightrope Systems Carousel player. The digital signage system is also integrated into digital Channel 20.1 of the university’s cable television system.

The digital signage system is managed by the Division of Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communications and, along with NIU Today, NIU Newsroom, NIU Calendar and the university’s social media assets, is an important component of NIU’s integrated communications and information resources. It’s a great way for university units and organizations to share information and promote upcoming events throughout the university community.

Digital signage zones

Submitting Content

To submit content for display on the main NIU digital signage channels, use the Marketing and Communications clearinghouse form available at

Content Tips

Think of digital signage like a billboard; you only have a few seconds to grab the viewer’s attention and convey your message. Submissions should contain minimal text-based content -- just enough to highlight the most important information (title, subhead, date, time, location and a URL where viewers can find out more).

Specifications for display-ready content

1250x838 pixels for Channel 20.1 of the campus cable television system

670x692 pixels for the campus digital signage assets

Additional Information

For additional information on digital signage at NIU, contact
Rachel Xidis in Web and Internal Communications at 815-753-3655 or