Immigration Advising

Extension of Program

Your DS-2019 has a program end date listed under section 3 on page 1 (see picture). This date is the final semester when you will be expected to complete your studies. A J-1 student who is unable to complete a full-course of study in a timely manner must apply for an extension before the end date on the form DS-2019. The time in which to apply will depend on the notation on the student's I-94 card (the small white card usually stapled in the passport).

A program extension may be granted by an ISFO advisor. To qualify for an extension of a program, a student must have continually maintained status and prove that the delays were caused by a compelling academic or medical reason. Students who need to apply for an extension of stay should begin the application process no later than 45 days before the completion date on the DS-2019.

Students will need to do the following to receive their extension:

  1. Complete an Extensions/Reinstatement Request Form
  2. Provide new financial documentation covering the period requested.
  3. Set-up a meeting with Stephanie Brown to discuss and/or approve extension

Please stop by ISFO (Williston Hall 406) for more information.