Immigration Advising

Academic Training

Academic training is work, training, or experience directly related to a student's field of study listed on the Form DS-2019. It must be done with a specific employer or training site.

A J-1 student may participate in academic training programs during his or her studies, or commencing not later than thirty days after completion of his or her studies. Although a student may apply for part-time or full-time academic training, all academic training is counted as full time, even if the employment is on a part-time basis.

The time a J-1 student is authorized for academic training before the program completion will be subtracted from the total time of academic training she/he is eligible for. Time allotted may not exceed "the period of full course of study" or 18 months, which ever is shorter. If she/he received a Ph.D., her/his postdoctoral training my last 36 months. Completing more than one program does not increase the total time period. A J-1 student in a non-degree program is limited to a total stay of 24 months. The 24 month period includes the total of all study time and any authorized academic training.

How to apply for Academic Training:

  • the student must be in good academic standing
  • Must have a job offer letter on employer's letterhead in his/her field of study, which includes the employer's address, beginning and ending dates, the number of work hours per week, the salary, and the nature of the duties;
  • have a written recommendation from the academic advisor confirming that this experience is an appropriate part of her/his program

The student needs to bring these documents to ISFO (Williston Hall room 406) for review by an immigration advisor. If all is in order, the advisor will authorize academic training by issuing a Form DS-2019 with a new program completion date and a letter of authorization. This letter from the Advisor granting academic training, Form DS-2019, and Form I-92 will suffice for Form I-9 purpose.

The student MUST NOT WORK before or after the dates authorized for academic training. It is the student's responsibility to track these dates and to refrain from working at other times. If she/he gets another offer from the same employer or from a different employer, she/he needs to start the application process over again and request a new authorization from ISFO.