Immigration Advising

Procedures for Initiating Labor Certifications for NIU Employees

Soon after receiving H-1B approval, the faculty or staff member should check with his/her chair or supervisor regarding the possibility of petitioning for employment-based Lawful Permanent Residency. If the chair or supervisor will support such a petition, the employee should check with the International Student and Faculty Office (ISFO) for information regarding approved attorneys to handle the first step of the petition, which is the Labor Certification. NIU employees may select from the list of attorneys who were successful in a formal bidding process conducted under state law for providing various legal services.
The employee would initiate the contact with the attorney selected from among those listed.

Once the employee selects an attorney, that attorney should contact ISFO to confirm that he or she has been selected by the particular employee.
ISFO will check with the employee's department to confirm they wish to proceed with the Labor Certification and petition. ISFO will send a confirming e-mail to the attorney selected by the employee and will copy NIU General Counsel Jerry Blakemore on that message.

All invoices for legal services related to Labor Certifications must be sent to the following address for review and appropriate distribution:

Stephanie Brown, Associate Director ISFO
Division of International Affairs
406 Williston Hall
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, Illinois 60115

International Affairs will conduct a first-level review of the invoice and will then send it to the employee's department. The department will prepare a net check purchase order and send it along with the invoice and instructions regarding which office will process the payment to the following office:

Jerry Blakemore
Vice President & General Counsel
330 Altgeld Hall
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, Illinois 60115

Vice President Blakemore will conduct a second-level review and will send the invoice and purchase order to the unit identified by the hiring department for processing. In general, invoices for services and advertisements related to Labor Certifications will be paid by the hiring unit. Attorney costs and filing fees for all other aspects of petitions for Lawful Permanent Residency will be borne by the individual employee.