Program Goals

Goals of the Program

  1. To provide a community of engaged students who promote cultural understanding and a safe environment at NIU and in DeKalb for students of all nationalities.
  2. For the American students to promote understanding of American culture and integration to the International student population and academic community at NIU.
  3. For the International students to promote understanding of their culture, values and beliefs to the American students.
  4. To foster an enhanced professional and academic success of the students.

Benefits of participation

  • Friendship and networking opportunities around the globe!
  • Satisfies the Travel Grant requirement from Study Abroad, if you are a recipient!
  • Satisfies the Global Requirement for Business Passport Program!
  • Opportunities to learn about other cultures and practice your language skills!
  • Professional & personal experience and great resume builder!
  • International Peer Mentor Training Certificate!
  • International Peer Mentor Reference Letter upon request!
  • Gaining valuable transferable skills!