Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

Kick-off Celebration: Time and location: TBD

ISFO will present all pertinent information about the program to the chosen students, including the rules for the bi-monthly meeting and reporting. ISFO will then announce each pair of students. Student pairs will introduce themselves to each other, and ISFO will take a group photo of all the participants. Each participant will sign an agreement stating their intentions to follow all the rules and regulations. ISFO will provide light snacks and host team-building activities for the group to get to know each other. ISFO will also ask participants to partake in submitting photos of their partner activities throughout the semester. At the end-of-semester banquet, ISFO will show the photos. 

Group Outdoor Activity:Date to be Determined; Time and location: TBD

ISFO will host an outdoor competition for all student pairs. Students will be split into groups of 6 (3 pairs) and given a list of landmarks around campus. The groups will need to take a photo of themselves in front of the landmark. Students will be given one hour to complete as many landmark photos as they can. After the time is up, students will re-group at a pre-determined meeting point and ISFO will tally the points to see which group visited the most landmarks. Students will be asked to send their photos to ISFO via email or Facebook so that ISFO can make a slideshow for a later presentation. ISFO will also provide snacks, music and games for participants to meet and mingle after the competition. 

End of the semester Banquet: Date to be Determined; Date, time and location: TBD

ISFO will host a party and talk about the highlights of the semester’s program. ISFO will present a slideshow from the group activity and photos taken by the pairs. Students will be asked to share their experience and what they have learned from their partner. Students will be encouraged to apply for the following semester. If they are chosen again, the students would be matched with a different partner than the Fall semester.