Grief Support

The Grief Support Group meets on the first Thursday of each month in the Holmes Student Center room 703. Any significant life loss through the death of a loved one, divorce, separation, loss of your health, a job, or a pet causes grief for the person who experienced the loss. Each person’s loss is different and each person’s grief journey is unique, yet the process of grieving is similar regardless of what you have lost. Grieving a significant loss does not happen quickly. It takes time to accept the loss and the many feelings related to your loss. As you grieve you experience different phases as you move forward. Our culture does not understand that any loss triggers grief and that grief, regardless of what you lost does not end quickly. After a few months, people will expect you to be over your grief. A simple grief takes at least three years although the intensity of your response does begin to lessen. A Grief Support Group is a place to go to share your experiences with people who understand that dealing with your grief takes time. In addition to group meeting discussions, presentations will be offered as determined by the group.

Information about the grief support listserv support group: