Customized Training

  • Customized training is designed specifically for your departmental needs.  Most of the customized training is related to learning how to communicate about work place differences and resolve conflicts.
  • Any workshop listed on the Human Resource Services Training Program presented by someone in the Employee Assistance Program may be adapted for your specific departmental needs.
  • The Professional Coping Series has many of the handouts used in the training workshops to assist employees and supervisors.
  • The workshops that are frequently adapted are listed and described below.

Effective Communication for Dealing with Differences:

Primarily focuses understanding differences, what each person brings to the difference, and to the communication skills necessary to deal effectively with the difference.

This workshop is very effective when it follows the Myers- Briggs or MBTI workshop.  The MBTI workshop identifies and takes the judgment out of the work style differences.  This workshop provides the tools for communicating across the differences.

Working Across Generations:

For the first time in history there will be 4 generations in the work force working together.  Each generation has its own unique life forming events that influence their values, beliefs, and needs regarding careers, work, institutions, and supervisors.  These differences create misunderstandings and will influence changes in the work environment as the Millennial or Nexter generation enters the workforce as the largest generation since the Baby Boomers.   This workshop focuses on learning about the differences in the generations to increase understanding and effective communication for each generation.  This  workshop is very effective when it is adapted for departments.

Coping with Stress:

Many departments have specific times in the year when their department is stressed due to the increased workload. As people become stressed, their communication becomes less effective.  It is helpful during these periods to increase employees awareness of the impact of stress on themselves and others.  This includes techniques for dealing with stress, what the department can do to reduce stress, and identify communication skills that are particularly helpful during this time.

Grief in the Workplace:

When a member of a department has a major loss, this impacts the whole department.  Many times this loss can trigger grief for colleagues and supervisors.  Learning effective ways of dealing with your own grief and your co-workers grief is an important way to support the employees in a department and the person experiencing the major loss.

Customer Service and Civility:

Civility is a word that is being used more often and people have an individual understanding of the behaviors associated with civility.  Creating a definition of civility for your department assists people in being civil and how to help everyone be civil.  An important component of this workshop is learning how o handle your own intense feelings so you can choose how to respond.  Communication that helps you calm yourself and the other person is a primary focus.  This workshop is easily adapted to the specific needs of your department.