Trauma Support

When you have lived through a shocking event…you survived a terrible accident, you lost your house in a tornado, you lost a loved one in an accident or severe storm, you or a loved one were attacked, or the place you thought was safe was violated by some form of violence or natural disaster…your life is thrown into extreme disorganization and your normal coping skills are overwhelmed.   You never believed this could happen to you and your world now feels surreal.  Your orderly world is gone and your sense of control has disappeared. 

It is very important to talk with someone about what is happening with you.  Talking with someone is very healing and as you talk about it, the disbelief and shock lessen.  If you are not sure how your are responding to this shocking and traumatic event you can call the Employee Assistance Program at 753-9191 or click on Coping with…Trauma.  There are three handouts in Coping with…Trauma that can help you understand how you are responding to the traumatic event and how you can take care of yourself.

If you are having difficult sleeping, having nightmares, reliving the event, or having difficulty concentrating, you should consider seeing a counselor.   You can contact a counselor directly or make an appointment with an Employee Assistance counselor to talk about a referral in the community.  For more information about referrals, contact our office at 815-753-9191.

The Employee Assistance Program is available to support you when grief (see Coping With Grief) from the shocking event overwhelms you while you are at work.  If you do not have a private office when grief washes over you, we have a conference room in HSC 709 that is usually available where you can go and just be - or talk with someone.

To help you get through this difficult period, click on to:  Tips for Taking Care of Yourself During Stressful Times


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