Coping with Stress

Stress is caused by how an individual responds to any situation, either positive or negative.  Many people are surprised that a positive event such as getting married, having a baby, or celebrating a significant happy event in your life is stressful.  These happy events do not cause stress; it is your response to these events that creates stress. Stress is when your coping strategies and skills are overwhelmed by the event.  If you cannot change or leave the situation and your coping strategies are overwhelmed, your stress becomes chronic. 

Chronic stress affects your overall health including but not limited to your immune system, heart, muscles, and stomach.  The medical profession is just beginning to recognize how stress affects your health.

The Coping with Stress series provides general information and tips for responding differently to stressful events.

An Employee Assistance Professional at 815-753-9191 can coach you about your stressful events and how you can respond differently.

For more information about stress management, visit WebMD at

The Employee Assistance Program provides departmental customized training on coping strategies for dealing with stress.  This is particularly useful for departments prior to starting a stressful period or event. 

For information about Customized Training, click here.