Coping with Depression

With each generation depression has increased.   During the “Great Depression,” fewer people were depressed than today.    Depression is a brain disorder that affects your thoughts, mood, feelings, behavior, and physical health.  Just as depression affects your thoughts, feelings and behavior, you can also affect your depression by learning to change your thoughts by changing any negative self-talk.  Changing your behavior by walking 30 minutes a day, changes your biochemistry and increases positive thoughts.

Depression can become severe just like a cold can become pneumonia.  If you feel severely depressed and have not been sleeping or have had less than 6 hours of sleep for 3 days, you need to be treated by a doctor immediately.  If you feel suicidal and can not reach your doctor, contact the Employee Assistance Program at 815-753-9191. It is important to see a counselor or doctor as soon as possible.

IF YOU HAVE SUICIDAL THOUGHTS, go directly to the Ben Gordon Center on 14 Health Services Drive, DeKalb from Monday through Friday between 8 AM – 5 PM and they will see you immediately.  In the evening from 5 PM and 8 AM call the emergency hotline at 866-242-0111.  On weekends the emergency hotline is available from Friday 5 PM to Monday 8 AM or you can go to the Kishwaukee Hospital emergency room on Sycamore Road (Rt. 23). If you are having any difficulty accessing these service, contact the NIU Employee Assistance Program at 815-753-9191.

The handouts in this series are for mild to moderate depression.


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