Coping with Anxiety

Anxiety or fear interferes with your ability to enjoy life.  It may limit your choices and activities.  Worrying about “what may happen” may trigger and reinforce your fears as the focus is on the future.   There are a variety of coping strategies to assist you in dealing with mild and moderate anxiety.  Fear is self-doubt about your ability to deal with a situation.  Worrying and anxiety stop you from identifying the skills you do have and how you can prepare yourself to deal with this situation.

The handouts in this series focuses on coping strategies that may help you deal with your anxiety or worrying so that it does not interfere with your enjoyment of life.

To talk with someone about your anxiety, contact the Employee Assistance Program at 815-753-9191.

For online information on how to deal with anxiety consider:
David A. Carbonell, Ph.D at has an excellent website with video tapes of tools for dealing with anxiety and panic.  He also has a monthly newsletter.


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