Recruiting / Hiring Civil Service

In pursuit of the Northern Illinois University mission, Human Resource Services is committed to the recruitment and retention of a community of diverse people, ideas, services, and scholarly endeavors in a climate of respect for the intrinsic dignity of each individual. The recruitment of a new employee is an important decision. We expect each recruitment decision to signal a long term commitment. Civil Service positions require several steps to complete the hiring process. Human Resource Employment Coordinators are here to guide you through this process with the goal of hiring the best candidate for the position.

Recruiting/Hiring Process

The typical recruitment process at Northern Illinois University follows the steps detailed below. Presidential approval is required prior to the posting of a position.

  1. The Hiring Manager completes the required information in the PeopleAdmin system, this includes responding to program prioritization questions and job description for classification review.  Once the information has been compiled the information will be routed for approval in the PeopleAdmin system. 
  2. Position is reviewed for the proper classification and FLSA (hourly or salaried) and discussed with the department.
  3. Employment Coordinator will recommend and assist department with developing and placing the advertisement. If the position is going to be advertised externally - Affirmative Action will assist.
  4. Position is advertised on the Human Resource Services website for a minimum of five (5) days and, if applicable, any additional advertisements are placed in appropriate areas (e.g. Local newspapers, Discipline or occupational specific ListServs, Specialized publications, etc.)
  5. Applicants are screened by Human Resource Services to determine the candidate meets the minimum qualifications specified by the State Universities Civil Service System; departments may be asked for clarification and/or to assist.
  6. Qualified applicants are tested and scored.
  7. Based on SUCSS requirements, names are provided to the departments and candidates are interviewed. Search committees can be used during this stage of the process, if desired.
  8. Once the candidate is selected, the department will submit a Hiring Proposal for approval.
  9. Upon receipt and approval of the Hiring Proposal, the Employment Coordinator will proceed with the following:
    • Offer of employment
    • Background Check / Medical Clearance
    • Register for New Employee Orientation

Your Human Resource Services Employment Contact is available to assist you with any of your human resource needs.