SPS Position Classification

SPS positions are exempt from the State Universities Civil Service System. In order to be exempt a comprehensive review of the job description by Human Resource Services is required.

Position descriptions are reviewed to determine if an appropriate Civil Service job classification is available. If a Civil Service classification does not align with the job description, then the position may be made SPS provided it fits within one of the three exemption categories.

Additional information regarding exemption for the Civil Service System is available from the State Universities Civil Service System (SUCSS), scroll down the page to the last section "Exemption Procedures."

Exemption Categories

Supportive Professional Staff appointments can be exempted under one of three categories:

  • Primary Administrator 36e(2) - The presidents and vice-presidents of each educational institution, In general, these positions are typically given the final campus/agency decision-making and oversight authority by their Board or Trustees, or other Governing Body. Those directly affiliated positions that are assigned to manage and support any aspect of the primary campus/agency decision making and oversight authority may also be considered exempt in accordance with this procedure.
  • Principal Administrative (PAA) 36e(3) - A PAA is defined as an employee who is charged with high level administrative responsibilities, whose decisions are based on administrative polices and who exercises discretion and independent judgment. A PAA performs these duties with only general administrative supervision or direction, e.g. Director, Associate or Assistant Director. In addition, a PAA can be defined as an employee who is in a position requiring knowledge of an advanced type in a field of science or learning customarily acquired by a prolonged course of specialized intellectual instruction and study (as distinguished from a general academic education) and which requires the consistent exercise of discretion and judgment, e.g., physician, attorney, engineer, architect.
  • Teaching, Research, and Extension Faculty 36e(4) - These positions include those who provide direct classroom instruction to the institution's students as their primary function, most specifically related to the normal academic curricula. This activity, however, is not specifically limited to those members of the tenure-track faculty (Professor, Associate Professor, and Assistant Professor), but also extends to those positions who provide direct instructional support, or academic/career planning/counseling to students as their primary function. Likewise, those positions with primary administrative or supervisory responsibility for a group of employees falling within this category are considered exempt in accordance with this standard.

Title Change

In order to change the title for Supportive Professional Staff employee a current job description articulating the responsibilities of the position should be submitted to Human Resource Services along with a Position Request Form (PRF).

Your Human Resource Service Team is available to assist you with any of your human resource needs, call the HRS Service Center at 815-753-6000.