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May 5, 2017

Temporary Supportive Professional Staff, Deans, Directors, and Department Heads

FROM:    Laura Alexander, Senior Associate Vice President, Human Resource Services
                Celeste Latham, Associate Vice President, Administration & Human Resource Operations                                

RE:         Updated - Change in Notification Requirements for Temporary Supportive Professional Staff

Recently, the Senior Cabinet made a change in the notification requirements for temporary Supportive Professional Staff (SPS) employees.  Currently, Supportive Professional Staff (SPS) on temporary appointments will automatically terminate on the last day of the appointment unless the department issues a reappointment to the employee. 

Going forward, Supportive Professional Staff (SPS) employees who have been temporary SPS for five years but less than ten will receive 60 days’ notice that their contract will not be renewed, and those that have served ten or more years as temporary SPS will be provided four months’ notice.  To achieve this, depending on the individual circumstances, interim contracts may need to be issued to supplement the existing employment agreement.

This period of notice shall not be required in the case of persons filling positions in any intercollegiate athletic program, in positions exclusively dedicated to fund raising, or in the case of employees whose positions are fully funded and contingent upon grants and/or contracts for the provision of services to parties external to the university. Every appointment without academic rank for a specific term must be accepted by the appointee with the understanding that such appointment entails no assurance or implication that it will be renewed.

Supervisors should speak to Human Resource Services before issuing any non-renewal notices to temporary SPS so that the necessary notice period can be determined and the official letter and language that must be communicated can be provided. 

 For additional information or questions, please contact Jill Secor at or Candi Flood at