How to Navigate Employment Changes at NIU

This Guide offers information that can assist you if you are facing changes in your employment at the university.  The list is by no means exhaustive, but provides guidance of where to go for further information on-line or on campus.  Not sure where to go or whom to call?  Contact Employee Assistance and Training Programs (815-753-9191) or the general Human Resources number (815-753-6000) and we will help direct you to an appropriate campus or community resource.

Assistance with Human Resource Services (HRS)

Human Resource Services ( Human Resources serves all employees at NIU, including faculty, instructors, staff, graduate assistants and student workers.  Departments include: 

Benefits and InsuranceHave questions about how your benefits (tax-deferred annuities, insurance, flexible spending accounts, or tuition waiver) may be affected because of your job change, contact 815-753-6000.  Questions regarding SURS retirement information contact 1-800-275-7877 or

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Training Programs: EAP provides a safe, secure, and confidential place for employees and their families for confidential counseling, consultation, information, advocacy, guidance, problem-solving, coaching services, and can help employees and family members plan how to move forward from any job change. The office can also help employees identify academic interests and assist employees in support of goals.  Training Programs develops and coordinates a comprehensive education and training program administered and marketed by HRS Services to include professional and personal skill development. Services are provided free of charge.  (815-753-9191)  Holmes Student Center 7th floor

Employment Services: Using the “Employment Admin Portal” under “Quick Links” on the Human Resource Services webpage, you can login and discover other employment opportunities available on campus. 

Payroll/Pay DayCan assist employees in answering questions about payroll concerns. Contact Payroll 815-753-6000. 

Other University Resources

Faculty / SPS Personnel Advisor:  Offers advice and support to Faculty and Supportive Professional Staff on personnel matters. (The Faculty/SPS Personnel Advisor is a tenured faculty member, appointed by Faculty Senate for advising faculty and SPS employees). The current Faculty and SPS Personnel Advisor is Professor Paul Stoddard and can be contacted at 815-753-7929 or emailed at

Operating Staff Personnel Advisor (OSPA):  Offers advice and support to Operating Staff on personnel matters. The current OSPA is John Hulseburg and he can be contacted at 815-753-1174 or emailed at

Office of the Ombudsperson:  Designated neutral, the office reports to University Council and to the University president, and provides information and consultation to faculty, staff and students on all university issues.  All services are confidential.  (815-753-1414).

Psychological Services Center:  Counseling provided by graduate students in the Clinical Psychology Program. Serves students, employees, and community members.  Located in the Psychology/Computer Sciences Building (Annex, Normal Road) PM 87. (815-753-0591).

The Community Counseling Training Center (CCTC) (formerly known as NIU Counseling Lab)Counseling provided by graduate students in the Counseling Program. Serves students, employees, and community members. Located in Graham Hall 416. (815-753-9312). 

The Couple and Family Therapy Clinic of NIUCounseling provided by graduate students in the Marriage and Family Therapy Program. Serves students, employees and community members.  Located in Wirtz Hall 146. (815-753-1684). 

Enhancing your Skills and Marketability

Career Services:  Career Services serves primarily Undergraduate and Graduate students, as well as alumni, within three years since graduating from NIU –  NIU Employees, who are current students or recent alumni, should feel welcome to access all of the offerings in Career Services. For those NIU employees who are not students or recent alumni, Career Services would like to extend an opportunity for access to the Huskies Get Hired system. This system is a job posting board where off-campus employers share their part-time and full-time hiring needs. Though many of the positions are geared toward new or recent graduates (first jobs after graduation), this access will allow people to see employers with current hiring needs that they may want to consider researching for other full-time opportunities. For those interested in access to Huskies Get Hired, please send an e-mail to and include "NIU employee seeking access to Huskies Get Hired" as the message's subject line. Additionally, Career Services invites people to consider attending one of the many campus and local job fairs. A calendar of current events will be updated at this site on a regular basis  (815-753-1641).

Certification Trainings:  Check with department for opportunities or financial assistance; check APAC - CPS (Certified Professional Secretary) CAP (Certified Administrative Professional)

College of Business: Contact Amy Buhrow at or call 815-753-5764 to schedule an appointment to meet with staff to assist in creating or updating your resume.

Employee Assistance Program & Training:  Career evaluation and coaching; interviewing strategies, budgeting, training and development to enhance personal and professional skills.  (815-753-9191). or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP):   Software programs, online aids and videos, training calendar for in classroom training.

Tuition Waivers:  Take a class toward a degree or for personal or professional development.  Call 815-753-6000 or visit,

University Writing Center:  Improve your writing skills; resume building or cover letter writing.  Call 815-753-6636 or visit

Join organizations or committees affiliated to your interests for a career. 

Think about volunteering at organizations which may interest you.

Look for additional events to help broaden networking opportunities: NIU Calendar, newspapers, web searches.