A member who experiences a divorce, civil union partnership dissolution, legal separation or annulment has a qualifying change in status. The member must, in the case of divorce, civil union dissolution or annulment, terminate the spouse/civil union partner and/or stepchild(ren) or civil union partner children from all coverage. In the case of legal separation, the member may terminate the spouse and/or stepchild(ren)’s coverage if they wish. Members may also increase or decrease Member Optional Life coverage during these changes in status and/or opt back into group insurance coverage if they had previously opted out. The member must notify their agency in writing within 60 days of a divorce, legal separation, civil union dissolution or annulment. GIR/Ps who believe that a member is not reporting a divorce or civil union partnership dissolution should contact the supervisor of the PCU. The supervisor will investigate the matter and process a termination, if appropriate.


  • Payroll
    • (bank account change)
  • Tax Exemptions
  • SURS Pension (update Beneficiary information)
  • Life Insurance (update Beneficiary information)
  • 403B Provider (update Beneficiary information)
  • 457 Plan Provider (update Beneficiary information)
    • State of Illinois Central Management Services (CMS)
      • 1-800-442-1300 (Deferred Compensation Office)
  • Insurance (remove coverage)
    • 1-815-753-6000 (ask to be connected to the HR Benefits Office)
      • Supply a copy of the Divorce Decree (only require first and last pages)

Additional Information

  • Questions, contact the HRS Service Center at 815-753-6000.
  • SURS QILDRO brochure
  • NOTE: Always keep your contact information up to date.  To change address, name or update emergency contact information complete the Personal Data - Name Address Form
    • If Name Changes
      • Copy of new SSN with new name
      • Sign and submit to Human Resource Services

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