Death - Employee



  1. Notify HRS of a Contact Person.
    • Upon notification, HRS will contact the following agencies on your behalf
      (note: once contacted these agencies will work with you directly):
      • SURS
      • Minnesota Life
      • Payroll
  2. Payroll Office will need the following documents
    1. Certified Death Certificate
    2. Circuit Court order declaring heirship OR a small estate affidavit  OR a copy of "last will and testament"
    3. Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) for estate
  3. TIN / Beneficiary must complete W-9 form
  4. Return NIU issued equipment to HRS or Department

Additional Information

  • Questions, contact:
    • HRS Service Center at 815-753-6000
    • Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS) 800-442-1300
  • NOTE: Always keep your contact information up to date.  To change address, name or update emergency contact information complete the Personal Data - Name Address Form

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