Housing and Residential Services provides convenient laundry facilities in each residence hall. A wash cycle costs $2.00 and dry cycles are free. Laundry services are paid for using your OneCard and Huskie Bucks.

Check out Laundry 101 for tips on doing your laundry.

NIU's washers utilize less water and less detergent per load, wring clothes out better, and return less soap waste into the community's sewage system. Dryer cycles are more energy efficient, and along with washers, you can go online to receive an email notification when your laundry is complete!

Laundry Costs
Wash Cycle   20-30m $2.00
Dry Cycle   45m Free

Add Huskie Bucks Check Balance

Laundry Tips

  • Detergent: Since these are high efficiency washers, you only need to use a 1/4 cup of high-efficiency laundry detergent in a wash cycle. Liquid detergent will produce better results than powder detergent. Heavily soiled spots and stains should be treated with liquid detergent or a pre-treatment stain remover to prevent them from permanently remaining on clothing.
  • Sort Laundry Thoughtfully: Clothing with dark dyes can stain other clothing. Sometimes new blue jeans can do this as well. Wash clothes with like colors and be mindful of water temperature.
  • Check Your Pockets: Loose items can be lost in the wash or can cause damage to clothing and machines. Open hooks and zippers can latch on other clothing and cause your clothes to tear. Before washing your clothes, check for items in pockets, loose buttons, and open hooks or zippers.
  • Load Machines Only to Capacity: Clothing should be placed loosely in the machine and only within the designated capacity. Damage can be caused to clothing and the machines if they are overloaded. Packing clothing tightly can result in clothes not being properly washed.

Having issues?

Report a problem with a washer or dryer

Request a refund

Campus Laundry Solutions maintains NIU's washers and dryers. As a liaison between you and CSC, Housing works diligently to process the service requests reported by residents. If you have any other questions, contact the Work Request Office at 815-753-4948.

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