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If you need to move in before your hall officially opens, you can complete an Early Arrival Agreement and move into your room early for a daily fee.

Early arrival is only possible during the fall semester. See the move-in timeline to find out when your hall opens.

The fee is billed to your NIU Bursar account for each day you stay before your hall officially opens and your fall contract begins. Your residence hall room is provided in "as is" condition and Building Services and University Crafts staff will continue to work on cleaning and repairs up until your hall opens. See Campus Dining location hours before the halls open.

Sign Up for Early Arrival  Early arrival sign up begins late summer

Sponsoring Office or Department

If you believe you are eligible for a reduced rate through participation in a sponsored NIU department activity, we'll ask for that office or department when you complete an Early Arrival Agreement. If we receive confirmation from the sponsoring office or department, we will alter the rate appropriately. Otherwise you will be responsible for having that information sent to us.

Checking In

When you arrive, stop by your hall's front desk with a photo ID to get checked in. If the doors are locked when you arrive, call your hall's front desk. You can arrive at any time on the early arrival date that you signed up for.

Hall Check In Location Front Desk Phone
Gilbert Hall Early arrival check in at Second Floor Lobby 815-753-3110
Grant Towers Early arrival check in at North Lobby 815-753-1994
New Hall East Early arrival check in at Main Lobby 815-753-7631
New Hall West Early arrival check in at Main Lobby 815-753-7633
Neptune Hall Early arrival check in at Central Lobby 815-753-1725
Stevenson Towers Early arrival check in at South Lobby 815-753-0371
Northern View Community Early arrival check in at Community Center 815-753-8439

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