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NIU PLUS Program

Why every student should take advantage of NIU PLUS

Hey, it doesn’t cost anything.

And it will help you explore your interests, focus your studies, highlight your accomplishments and get hired after you graduate.

We’re talking about the new program known as NIU PLUS (short for Progressive Learning in Undergraduate Studies).

NIU PLUS will allow you to customize your learning experiences. That means you’ll put your own unique stamp on your education. You can turn every experience—from your Gen Eds, to your research project, to your college job—into an opportunity to impress future employers and hit the ground running on the path to career success.

NIU PLUS offers components related to 1) your general education requirements, 2) your hands-on learning experiences outside the classroom and 3) your on- or off-campus job.

Academics PLUS

Customize your Gen Eds

Academics PLUS will allow you to blaze your own trail by customizing your Gen Ed courses according to your personal interests, career aspirations or major area of study.

You choose from one of seven “pathways” that help you explore topics or strengthen your major. For example, you can select a pathway that complements your intended major—such as pairing the Sustainability Pathway with an environmental-related major.

What’s more, you’ll earn a transcript notation highlighting the path you’ve chosen. That way, prospective employers and graduate schools will see even more of your hard work and accomplishments.

Engage PLUS

Highlight your hands-on learning

Engage PLUS will help ensure that you’re recognized for your experiential-learning activities that take place outside of the classroom. These meaningful hands-on activities drive home what you learn in class and equip you with skills that impress future employers.

Working with faculty or staff mentors, or career supervisors, you can create a structured experience unique to your goals and interests. And you can earn an academic transcript notation for your experience so prospective employers or grad schools are aware of your accomplishments.

Conduct research. Direct a theatrical performance. Learn from your internship, service-learning or leadership experiences. The possibilities are endless.


Earn and learn

Lots of our NIU students hold down jobs to make ends meet. Retail clerk, waitress, pizza delivery driver—it doesn’t matter what kind of work you do. We believe there’s something to learn in every job.

That’s where Jobs PLUS comes in. It is designed to help you build a bridge between your college job and your post-graduation career.

Jobs PLUS regularly hosts professional development events open to all NIU students. Through our partnerships with employers, you could even be eligible to attend these events on your paid work time! You’ll learn teamwork, communication, time-management and other skills important in any workplace.

One program. Three components. Countless reasons to learn more about NIU PLUS.

Start blazing your own trail today!