CSA Suzuki Teacher Biographies

Community school teachers are divided into different categories according to their level of teaching experience and training. Many are beginners who are in the early stages of training, while others have teaching and/or performance degrees. All student teachers have received at least one faculty recommendation. Faculty members serve as teaching mentors. Call the office at (815) 753-1450 if you have questions about a teacher. Check the list regularly, as new teachers are added throughout the year.

Teachers by Instrument

Thomas Cappaert

Eric Schroeder

Marilyn Montzka

Ann Montzka Smelser
Laurie Rodriguez

Teachers by Level 

Ann Montzka Smelser (Suzuki violin, violin, viola)

Associate Level (professional teachers, more experienced)
Thomas Cappaert (cello, Suzuki cello) 
Marilyn Montzka (Suzuki piano)  
Laurie Rodriguez (violin, Suzuki violin, early ed classes) 
Eric Schroeder  (guitar, Suzuki guitar, ukulele ensemble)