You can be anything you want to be.

You have it in you: the drive to make a difference, the commitment to your goals and the willingness to go after it with everything you’ve got.

Wondering which degree will best suit you? That’s where we can help. Starting to figure it out is as simple as asking yourself:

What do you want to be?

You’re adaptable and open to change.

We have plenty of programs for those who are always moving, who look for new ways to do things and inspire others to grow.

Mechanical Engineering Robotics

Be a Visionary

If you love thinking outside the box and can see yourself learning in experimental laboratories, choose a program that will teach you the theory you need to put your talents to work in high-demand industries.

Suggestion: Major in Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics and Robotics

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Studio Art

Be Expressive

Do you enjoy creating your own artwork from your own ideas? You can learn about the theory behind art in all its forms and further develop your practice and your natural talents as part of our lively art community.

Suggestion: Major in Studio Art

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Physical Education

Be Dynamic

If you are committed to your wellness and the well-being of others, consider teaching children the strong habits and good attitudes necessary to support lifelong health.

Suggestion: Major in Physical Education

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You love investigating the world around you.

If you use both sides of your brain to try to make sense of your surroundings, consider a program that will have you making connections and meeting challenges.

Human Development

Be Compassionate

Do you like bonding with people? Do you often wonder why humans act the way we do? You can help families and individuals at different stages and in many areas of their lives by preparing for a career in social service.

Suggestion: Major in Human Development and Family Sciences

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Actuarial Science

Be Analytical

Are you curious about the consequences of risk? Do you picture yourself presenting a financial forecast to a room full of executives or leading a corporate planning meeting about a merger?

Suggestion: Minor in Actuarial Science

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Be an Explorer

Do you have a desire to explore many different places? Ever dream about what you can do to change the world? You may want to join a growing field of professionals who do everything from preserve forests to plan cities and design transportation systems.

Suggestion: Major in Geography

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You care about people.

If you believe in being compassionate and making a difference in others’ lives, you can have a career driven by the greater good.


Be of Service

You’re fascinated by the power of nature and concerned about how climate change is affecting the planet. Maybe you’ve even dreamt of delivering the weather forecast to those who would otherwise be unaware of what Mother Nature has in store.

Suggestion: Major in Meteorology

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Special Education

Be an Advocate

You care about how we live together and you want to ensure all children have equal access to the things they need and deserve. If you have a special interest in teaching the blind or visually impaired, there is an overwhelming need for teachers who specialize in this type of instruction.

Suggestion: Major in Special Education, Visual Impairments

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Biomedical Engineering

Be Revolutionary

You’re interested in entering the medical profession, but there are so many different jobs in this line of work. Can you see yourself designing equipment and devices that improve the quality of patient care and treatment?

Suggestion: Major in Biomedical Engineering

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You want to move people.

If you are an independent thinker who takes pleasure in reimagining the world, pursue a career that requires you to express yourself and invent new things.


Be Bold

You know there is power in words and actions, and you’re willing to take chances to tell an important story. Do it well, and you could influence others.

Suggestion: Major in Acting

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Business Innovation

Be Driven

Are you excited by the idea of offering innovative solutions to the world’s problems? If you think you have what it takes to influence others to help you make one of your ideas a reality, consider being your own boss.

Suggestion: Minor in Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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Early Childhood Education

Be a Mentor

Your love of children inspires you to teach. If you’re interested in the ways kids play, learn and develop, choose a program that will have you working in a real classroom and making a difference even before you graduate.

Suggestion: Major in Early Childhood Education

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