No Out-of-State Tuition Rate

We just got way more affordable for U.S. students from
outside of Illinois – one of many reasons to choose NIU.

Good news: We've eliminated our more expensive out-of-state tuition rate for U.S. students coming to NIU from outside of Illinois.

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Enjoy the lifestyle of a large, rural Midwestern university while still living and learning near two federal research laboratories, an international airport and the world-class city of Chicago.

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You can create a learning experience as unique as you. Choose from more than 100 courses of study, explore many research and hands-on learning opportunities and find out more about studying abroad in over 80 countries.

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NIU faculty are scholars, teachers, researchers, mentors and academic leaders who bring their broad range of diversity, expertise, experiences and backgrounds into the classroom and beyond. And with more than 300 student organizations, NIU provides hundreds of ways to have fun, get involved and meet new friends. There's something here for everyone.

Undergraduate Tuition

Non-engineering and Non-Computer Science (B.S.)
Spring/Fall 2019
1-11 hours
(12 hours or more)
$348.84/hour $4,732.80/term
Computer Science
Spring/Fall 2019
1-11 hours
(12 hours or more)
$388.84/hour $5,212.80/term
Spring/Fall 2019
1-11 hours
(12 hours or more)
$398.84/hour $5,332.80/term

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Have questions about grants, loans, work-study or scholarships? There are many types of financial aid available for NIU students, and many students may be eligible for and receive more than one type of aid. We'll guide you through the application process and give insight on all aspects of financial aid and scholarships while attending Northern Illinois University.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NIU is moving to a new domestic-rate structure for tuition. The change will set out-of-state tuition for domestic students at the equivalent of the in-state tuition rate, effectively making NIU more affordable to U.S. students from outside Illinois. The change will apply to students enrolled as NIU undergraduates or through the NIU Graduate School.

  • It will make an NIU education more accessible to students nationwide.
  • It will make it more affordable for current out-of-state U.S. students to continue and complete their NIU education.
  • By attracting students from a more expansive geographic area, we’ll increase diversity on our campus and enrich our culture with new perspectives and ideas.
  • The new rate structure should help NIU grow its new enrollment, thereby enhancing the university’s overall financial stability and benefitting our entire community.
  • More out-of-state students will make connections in our region, stay in Illinois after graduation and bolster the state’s skilled workforce.
  • The new rate structure will enhance the institution’s enrollment and national reputation without negatively impacting the enrollment of Illinois residents.

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