Peer Educator

Peer Educators (PE) are successful sophomore, junior and senior students who are interested in helping new students adapt to life at NIU.

The prime responsibility of a PE is to:

  • help with either a UNIV 101 or UNIV 201 course by demonstrating expected behavior of all NIU Huskies
  • talk about his or her experiences at NIU
  • demonstrate and teach skills to help each student in his or her transition to NIU including
    • getting involved
    • setting goals
    • managing time
    • making healthy decisions 
    • living in a multicultural community
  • assist educator(s) with:
    • planning course activities,
    • facilitating class discussions and
    • providing information to students on a peer level
  • serve as a resource and model of success for all students

PEs can also be placed in Themed Learning Communities (TLCs). Many TLCs have UNIV 101 as part of the course bundle, but some do not. Applicants will be asked to indicate if they are interested in being part of a TLC in the application.

To find out more about TLCs and TLC PEs, come to one of the information meetings or contact Office of Student Engagement and Experiential Learning at 815-753-8154 or

If you have any questions, please contact the First- and Second-Year Experience staff at 815-753-0028 or at

Placement as a Peer Educator is both an honor and a rewarding opportunity for professional and personal growth. This can be a paid ($400) or volunteer position open to undergraduate students who meet the following requirements:

  • Have three to four hours per week to commit to the PE position during the fall semester
  • Demonstrate an ability to successfully lead a class of first-year students
  • Prior UNIV 101/201 students preferred
  • Have a cumulative grade point average of 2.50 or higher
    • All PEs are required to go to their assigned UNIV 101/201 class
      ▪ All classes meet for 50 minutes, twice for the first five weeks and once for the next six weeks.
    • All PEs are expected to devote two hours outside of the classroom to the position.
      ▪ One hour will be a scheduled weekly Peer Educator meeting in First- and Second-Year Experience
      ▪ One hour is time for planning activities, meeting with their educator and other items needed for the class
  • Ability to speak effectively on:
    • Personal management skills (i.e., time, stress, health)
    • Academic achievement skills (i.e., studying, note-taking, test-taking)
    • Living in a diverse community
    • Getting connected (i.e., clubs, jobs, campus activities)

Peer Educator Coaches (PECs) are volunteer returning PEs who had positive evaluations from their previous UNIV 101/201 section and wish to take on more leadership within the PE program in addition to their normal PE duties. PECs oversee a group of PEs (about 10 PEs to a group), leading discussions, answering questions and attending weekly scheduled meetings during the required one office hour. PECs also play an essential role during PE trainings. PECs are required to attend two additional trainings to the two PE trainings. PECs are given the opportunity to contribute an article to the PE weekly newsletter.

The application deadline has now passed. Please contact us at or 815-753-0028 if you have any questions.

There are no Informational Meetings planned at this time. Please check back in fall 2018.