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Regency Room


The Regency Room, located on the main floor, is a great place to hold receptions or conferences and is adaptable to all occasions.

Capacity Limits
Theater/Auditorium (Chairs in rows) - Seating for 500 Guests
School Room/Class Room Style - Seating for 180 Guests 
Crecent-Round Style - Seating for 156 Guests
Banquet Style (Rounds) - Seating for 208 Guests
Banquet Style w/ Dance Floor - Seating for 168 Guests
Reception/Refreshment Style - 500 Guests
Exhibit/Vendors Style - 30-50 Booths

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Floor PlanRoomLayout Options
RegencyRoomEmpty Regency Room Empty
RegencyRoomPodiumDisplay Regency Room Podium Display 128 chairs in rows
1-8' table for AV
2-8' tables along west all
1-6' table for awards
1-8' table along north wall
1-8' table w/ 2 chairs
1 easel
RegencyRoomBenefitLayout Regency Room Benefit Layout 25 round tables w/ 8 chairs
8 risers
1-6' table on risers
4-8' tables for food
3-8' tables for gifts
2-8' tables for DJ
8-6' tables in hallway
1 card table for music
RegencyRoomLargeTableLayout Regency Room Large Table Layout 32-8' tables w/ 6 chairs
38-8' tables w/ no chairs
1 card table
1-8' table w/ 3 chairs outside room
RegencyRoomHolidyLayout Regency Room Holiday Layout 19-round tables w/ 8 chairs
2-8' tables and 1-6' for tables for buffet
2-round tables along west wall
1-6' table w/ 2 chairs
1-6' table and 1-8' table w/ 1 chair for DJ
RegencyRoomwithTablesAlongEdge Regency Room w/ Tables Along Edge
RegencyRoomWeddingLayout Regency Room Wedding Layout 18-round tables w/ 8 chairs
2-8' tables and 1-6' table w/ 8 chairs on 4-13" risers
1-round table for cake
2-6' tables in N/E corner for deserts
2-8' tables in S/E corner for gifts
3-8' tables for buffet
2-8' tables and chair for DJ
2-6' half tables for bar
1-6' table outside entrance
2-8' tables behind divider