As a student participating in service learning, you contribute your time, energy, and unique talents to nonprofit organizations, schools, and government agencies in ways that help to meet their community needs. In return, you gain valuable experience and skills that will advance your professional career. The service experience may be connected to a specific program, NIU course or academic major.

Why Service Learning?

Educational Benefits

  • Positive impact on your academic learning
  • Improves your ability to apply what you have learned in “the real world”
  • Improved ability to understand complexity and ambiguity
  • Stronger relationships with faculty

Personal Benefits

  • Greater sense of personal abilities, identity, spiritual growth, and moral development
  • Greater interpersonal development, particularly the ability to work well with others, and build leadership and communication skills

Social Benefits

  • Reduced stereotypes and greater inter-cultural understanding
  • Improved social responsibility and citizenship skills

Professional Benefits

  • Connections with professionals and community members for learning and career opportunities
  • Lead to greater networking opportunities

Service-learning Opportunities