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Community Partners

The Office of Student Engagement and Experiential Learning invites community organizations and agencies to partner with the NIU campus by actively engaging students. Community agencies and organizations may request NIU service-learning students for long-term (generally one academic year or semester-long, 2 to 8 hours per week, per student) service opportunities, and/or for one-time/short term projects. Students may come to the agency/organization through NIU service-learning courses, academic majors/programs, student groups dedicated to service or as individual service-learning volunteers.

Why partner with the university?

  • Introduce a sense of social justice in the students and correct any misconceptions about the project or people you are helping
  • Build and enhance relationships with the university faculty and students can that be utilized for future networking or partnership opportunities
  • Gain new volunteers needed to aid in the achievement of your organization’s goals
  • Valuable human resources needed to achieve community goals
  • New energy, enthusiasm and perspectives applied to community work

For more information about best ways to partner with Northern Illinois University please contact Jennifer Groce in the Office of Community Affairs at