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Presentation Options

Posters are currently the only presentation type available for CES, although students are welcome to bring items to display along with their poster. Poster presentations allow you to share your work visually while you discuss your project with showcase attendees and judges during designated time of the session. Posters should be no larger than 32” x 40”. Posters applied to foam boards will be allowed. The poster will hang by pushpins or large binder clips on a show wall or board provided by OSEEL.  Be prepared to stand next to your poster for the entire duration of your scheduled presentation time and be ready to provide a 3-5 minute overview of your project. The poster will be displayed for the entire event.

As you prepare, we also recommend that you look over the rubrics the judges will be using to evaluate and provide feedback about your presentation. To preview examples of CES abstracts and projects from last year, look through our 2017 URAD/CES program book.

Design Workshops Schedule 

Need help designing your presentation for Undergraduate Research & Artistry Day (URAD) or the Community Engagement Showcase (CES)? We strongly encourage you to attend one of our poster design workshops:

  • Tuesday, 02/27/2018         Campus Life Building 100        3:00 PM
  • Friday, 02/16/2018             Campus Life Building 100        9:00 AM
  • Wednesday, 03/07/2018           Altgeld Hall 125                 1:00 PM
  • Tuesday, 03/20/2018                Altgeld Hall 125                 6:00 PM

All workshops will be approximately 45-60 minutes long.

Poster guidelines Information

Prepare for the CES day

Most students are new events such as CES. It's an exciting event full of energetic people who care deeply about the topics and projects they're discussing—that's what makes it so fun! But it can also be overwhelming as a first time presenter/attendee. Read more about ways to prepare and what to expect during the day of the event.