Events and Competitions-InvestWrite Winner

South Elgin High School student receives first in state

Elgin winner

Kelly Rae Kofsky, a 12th grader at South Elgin High School, was recognized for placing 1st in the state in the InvestWrite competition.  Alison Upton-Dunmore, her teacher, kept her placement a secret up until the ceremony.  Kelly wrote a highly engaging and well-researched essay about why she would invest in Disney/Pixar.  Ms. Upton-Dunmore described Kelly as a high-achieving student who works diligently to succeed both as a student and for her job where she teaches math and reading.  She is interested in becoming an accountant. 

Ms. Upton-Dunmore has challenged her students through several of the Center for Economic Education’s competitive programs, such as the Economics Challenge.  She also has had winning students in The Stock Market Game program.