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NIU Policy Concerning Demonstrations

The university pledges equal emphasis to its responsibilities in three areas:

(1) Vigorous protection of the rights of all students and encouragement of the free expression of ideas;

(2) Unceasing efforts to keep the channels of communication open to all suggestions for change; and

(3) A guarantee to the people of the state and to the great majority of the students that the educational process will not be disrupted.

The university respects the rights, accorded to all persons by the constitution, to freedom of speech, peaceable assembly, petition, and association. Students and student organizations, as well as other members of the university community, may examine and discuss all questions of interest to them, and express opinions publicly as well as privately. They may support causes by lawful means that do not disrupt the operations of the university’s facilities. They may petition for a redress of grievances through peaceful means, and the declared policy of the university is to hear such petitions sympathetically and with an eye to prompt disposition of legitimate complaints. University facilities are available for the use of speakers and as forums for the expression of opinion. In order to insure equitable access to its facilities for the entire university community, the iniversity will maintain its obligation to place reasonable limits on the times during which its rooms and buildings may be used by any particular individual or group. In the event of disruption of the normal academic or operational functions of the university, including interference with the free use of corridors and entrances to rooms and buildings, it is the policy of the university to move with dispatch to restore order and open operation of the university. Every attempt will be made to discuss issues rationally and to avoid violence or the use of force. However, in the event the processes of discussion fail, the issues are determined to be non-negotiable, and disruption continues, the responsible official will issue legal notice to the group to disperse. If the members of the group refuse to comply, they will be subject to arrest for violation of the law.

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