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Minor in Communication Studies (18 Credit Hours)

Students may pursue a minor in the field of communication studies by successfully completing 18 semester hours from the department’s communication studies course offerings numbered 200 or above. These hours may include a maximum of 6 hours of 200-level courses.

Because of the wide range of fields that are appropriate as areas of study, including film studies, public communication, media studies, media production and communication studies, students are encouraged to secure information about these areas from the department.

Twelve or more semester hours toward the minor in communication studies must be taken at NIU.  For a complete list of courses, please see the catalog.

Minor in Professional Communication (18 Credit Hours)

The minor in professional communication offers majors in fields other than communication studies and English the opportunity to develop communication skills that are valued in the typical workplace environment. Courses focus on the theory and practice of composition and design of both electronic and paper-based professional documents, and on the theory and practice of mediated and face to face interaction. The minor is recommended to students in both technical and non-technical fields. 

For a complete list of courses, please see the catalog.

Minor in Journalism (21-22)

Journalism minors must earn a grade of C or S or better in all required journalism courses in their minor. Journalism prerequisites are deemed to be met only by obtaining a grade of C or S or better. (It is necessary to repeat a journalism course in which a grade below C or S is earned, before taking any course for which it is a prerequisite.)

For a complete list of courses, please see the catalog.

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