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Alumni and Giving

Alumni Updates

Falon Kartch (BA, 2007; MA, 2009) and Kathleen Valde have published a book chapter: 

Kartch, F. & Valde, K. S. (2016). "A cat fight in the office:" The use of gossip as a mean of resource control. In E. S. Gilchrist-Petty & S. D. Long (Eds.), Contexts of the Dark Side of Communication. New York, NY: Peter Lang Publishing.

Our alums Katie Finlon and Ryan Pumroy are working at WNIJ.

Our alum Sunny Serres (M.A. 2009) has been awarded tenure at Harold Washington College in the City Colleges of Chicago system.

Our MA alum Kacy Abeln has been elected Vice President of the Illinois Communication and Theatre Association.

The presentation that Michael Butterworth delivered for our colloquium in fall 2013 is scheduled for publication in the Journal of Communication this coming fall. The essay is already available through early view.

Michael L. Butterworth, "Nate Silver and Campaign 2012: Sport, the Statistical Frame, and the Rhetoric of Electoral Forecasting." Journal of Communication. 3 September 2014.

Joyce Ester (NIU forensics team 83-86) was named the new President of Normandale College (Bloomington, MN) where she joins Michael Kirch (BA) who is the Dean of Business and Social Sciences.


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