WE Matter


Women Engineers Matter at NIU CEET

  • Society of Women Engineers Chapter

  • "Lean In" Book Club with SWE

  • Women Faculty Collaboration

  • Connection with SWE to launch E-PRIDE

  • Alumni and Corporate Mentors for each female student

  • Annual Celebration of Gender DiverCity

  • SWE, NSBE, SHPE Collaboration

  • Partnerships with high schools

  • Curricular reform to include socially relevant engineering issues

  • Travel support for one faculty/year to attend any WE conference and present at our annual celebration

  • Career success strategies

  • Participation in Winnovation

"My opportunities and experiences have taught me about important engineering principles, and gave me the motivation to move forward in the field, because even though women are outnumbered, we stick together and accomplish great things."

Laura Gallagher
Mechanical Engineer

"Being a woman in engineering has made me realize that women handle engineering problems in a different way than men do, and our insights are extremely valuable."

Lauren Morrision
Electrical Engineer

"I have made it my life goal to inspire young girls to become engineers. It's the best feeling in the world to see their eyes light up and get really wide and know they are realizing 'I can do this! I can be an engineer!"

Pettee Gurrero
Mechanical Engineer