Faculty Research Expertise

Sachit Butail
Dynamics and control of networked systems; Robotics; Collective behavior; Mathematical Modeling of complex systems; Information theory; Machine learning; Virtual reality; Computer vision; Time-series analysis; Pattern recognition. The central theme of my research is to understand and control systems that comprise multiple agents - robotic, animal, virtual or any combination of these. Applications range from crowd management, environmental monitoring, study of animal behavior and bioinspiration in robotic design and autonomy

Kyu Taek Cho
Thermal and electrochemical energy system - Analysis of heat and mass transport behaviors in the electrochemical energy storage and conversion system such as micro-scale multi-phase transport through porous media and ion transport in electrolytes and membranes, Design of advanced electrochemical systems such as batteries (redox flow batteries, lithium-sulfur batteries, silicon-anode batteries), fuel cell (PEMFC and microbial fuel cell), and electrolysis to produce the renewable fuels and Study of nano-fluid material to enhance thermal properties and to utilize the solar energy as a direct solar absorber. 

Brian (Brianno) Coller
Dynamics & Control -Nonlinear dynamical systems, bifurcation theory, nonlinear control, and traffic dynamics. Applications include turbulent boundary layers, aerodynamic instabilities in jet aircraft engines, aeroelasticity and vortex dynamics in bluff body flows. Advanced computing and simulations using video game technology. 

Behrooz Fallahi
Smart material applications; Design of high speed machines and micro mechanical systems; Integrated design and manufacturing; Pro-E. 

Jenn Terng Gau
Sheet metal forming, forging, microforming, high velocity micro/nano net-shape forming and high velocity micro/nano powder forming.

Nicholas Pohlman
Design for high energy physics detectors and components to evaluate structural integrity and thermal management, fabrication methods, and performance evaluation; Granular flows experimentally exploring unsteady processes in material handling and utilization for non-uniform powders and biomass energy resources; Performance evaluation of developing world technologies for water filtration, cookstoves, and solid-liquid waste networks; Pedagogical evaluation for first-year experience and education in experimental systems. 

Iman Salehinia
Mechanical and physical properties of thin films and Engineered composite nanostructures with targeted functionalities including high resistance to thermal shock, wear, corrosion, irradiation, high thermal conductivity, high strength and hardness and high ductility; Multiscale modeling using atomistic simulations, and finite element methods; Structural defects in metals and ceramics, stochastic mechanical behavior; Carbon nanotubes and carbon nanostructures; Conventional and advanced manufacturing processes; Wear and tribology; and Application of atomistic simulation in bone tissue engineering 

Federico Sciammarella
Optical Methods (moiré, interferometry, holography) for characterization of materials and structures; and Laser Materials Processing including Laser Additive Manufacturing, Laser Welding and Heat treatment. 

John Shelton
Thermodynamics – Experimental and computational characterization of the thermodynamic properties of multicomponent, multiphase liquid systems for heat transfer and thermal energy storage applications. Expertise in: molecular dynamic simulations of multicomponent systems, differential scanning calorimetry, thermogravimetric analysis and viscometry. 

Renewable Energy Systems – Design, analysis, development, and optimization of solar, geothermal, and waste heat recovery thermal energy systems. Expertise in: parabolic trough system design, power tower system design, linear Fresnel system design and enhanced geothermal system design. 

Tribology – Experimental characterization of lubricated sliding contacts with third-body wear components. Expertise in: Pin-on-disk tribometry, optical microscopy and optical metrology techniques, viscometry. 

Scott Short
Materials engineering/metallurgy; composite materials; applied mechanics; stress & strain analysis; failure analysis (including welds); fatigue analysis; design using ANSYS/WORKBENCH finite element analysis; mechanical testing; structure-property relationships. 

Sahar Vahabzadeh
Physical and mechanical properties of biomaterials; Material characterization; Ceramic scaffolds and coatings for bone and dental tissue engineering applications; Titanium implants; In vitro osteoblast, osteoclast, mesenchymal stem cell mono-culture and co-culture systems; In vivo bone tissue mineralization and regeneration; Additive manufacturing.

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