Preparing for your appointment


Do you meet with an advisor in the Central Advising Office? You will complete your advising sheet with your advisor, but there are still a few ways to help you prepare for the appointment.

  1. You and your advisor will talk about how you’re doing in your current courses. Make sure you understand where your grades stand. Not sure? Your instructor’s office hours are a good time to clarify what your grade is.
  2. Take a look at your Academic Requirements Report in MyNIU. This will show all the work you’ve completed toward your current major, and what you have left.
  3. Make a list of other things you want to discuss with your advisor, like:
    1. “How am I progressing through my degree requirements?”
    2. “What minors would be a nice complement to my major?”
    3. “What do I need to do to take summer classes at my local community college?”
    4. “What advice do you have about getting involved in extracurricular activities? In finding jobs and internships?”

Have a faculty advisor in your major department? Here’s how to prepare for your advising appointment.

  1. Find out who know who your advisor is.
  2. Stop in during your faculty advisor's open office hours (or contact your advisor directly) to schedule an appointment.
  3. Print a copy of your Academic Requirements Report in MyNIU. This shows all work you’ve completed toward your degree, and what you have left to complete. This will help you plan your upcoming semester.
  4. Obtain an advising form from your major department.
  5. Complete the advising form with your advisor based on your Academic Requirements Report.
  6. Return your signed advising sheet to your major department office to have your advising hold released in MyNIU. You cannot register for courses until this hold is released.
    1. ELE – Engineering Building 330
    2. ISYE – Engineering Building 230
    3. MEE – Engineering Building 226
    4. TECH – Still Gym 203
  7. Register for classes in MyNIU during the appropriate enrollment period -- official registration for the summer session and fall semester begins in April and for spring semester in November.

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