Ecology, Evolution, Behavior & Conservation Faculty

Photo of Nicholas Barber

Nicholas A. Barber
Community Ecology
Research Lab
(815) 753-4215

Photo of Neil Blackstone

Neil W. Blackstone
Ecology and Evolution
Research Lab
(815) 753-7899

Photo of Melvin Duvall

Melvin R. Duvall
Plant Sciences
(815) 753-7806




Photo of Holly Jones

Holly Jones
(Joint appt ISESE)
Conservation Biology; Restoration Ecology
Research Lab

(815) 753-7527


Photo of Bethia King

Bethia H. King
Behavioral Ecology, Entomology
Research Lab

(815) 753-8460




Photo of Richard King

Richard B. King
Ecololgy and Evolution
Research Lab

(815) 753-7833




Photo of Virginia Naples

Virginia L. Naples
Ecology and Evolution
Office: (815) 753-7819

Photo of Karen Samonds

Karen E. Samonds
Anatomy and Paleontology
Research Lab

Office (815) 753-3201

Photo of Wesley Swingley

Wesley Swingley
Microbial Ecology
Research Lab

Office: (815) 753-7835