Undergraduate Adviser - Kenneth Gasser

Student Organizations:


Biological Science majors and pre-professional students should call (815) 753-0433 to schedule times for an appointment.

When should you meet with your major advisor:

Meet with your advisor immediately after you decide on your major field of study. Your advisor will help you plan the sequences of classes that will be required to complete your degree within an 8 semester time frame. Subsequently, you should plan to meet with your advisor at least once a semester.Pre-professional students should meet with advisors early and often due to specific course requirements, entrance exams, and tighter time schedules.


  1. Gain research experience in a professor’s lab (BIOS 370)
  2. Develop appropriate oral and written communication skills
  3. Get an internship
  4. Become involved in student organizations
  5. Immerse yourself in your chosen field.
  6. Read constantly in a variety of subjects (academic, nonfiction, novels, etc)

NIU Offices to Utilize:

  1. Career Services
  2. NIU Writing Center

NIU Opportunities:

  1. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences runs the
    Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program (URAP).
    Students are paired with faculty members to conduct research
  2. The NIU Undergraduate Special Opportunities in Artistry and
    Research Programs (USOAR)
    awards grants of up to $2500 to
    support student initiated research projects.
  3. Study Abroad programs are available world wide. A premiere opportunity is the NIU at
    Oxford Program
    conducted every summer in England.

Photo of Kenneth Gasser


Kenneth Gasser
(815) 753-7815
Office: MO 356; Lab: MO. 419
Dept. of Biological Sciences Nothern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115

Hometown: Ottoville, OH

Degrees earned: B.S. Bowling Green State University;
M.S. Murray Sate University; Ph.D. Washington State University;
Postdoc: Case Western Reserve University

Arrived at NIU: 1990

Classes taught: Fundamentals of Biology; Human Physiology;
Cell Physiology;
Cell Biology;

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